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서현 / 서울대학교 건축학과 교수
Hyun SEO / Professor 
Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering
Seoul National University
Tel: +82 2 880-4311
Hyun SEO is a Professor of Architecture and served as a Chair of the Department of Architecture at Seoul National University. Prior to this appointment, he was the Dean of the School of Architecture at Hanyang University. He is the founder and principal of SALT workshop, a design and research office focusing on optimum structural solutions.
His key built projects include the Hyohyung Publishing Office, Paju Book City Daycare Centre, and the Seoul Book Repository. The work has been recognized by the national institutes and regional municipalities. Furthermore, he holds several patents relating to deployable architecture and tensile structures.
In addition to his design work, he is a published author and a regular contributor to national newspapers; his area of interest revolves around architecture, urbanism, and contemporary social-spatial issues. He is a celebrated author and has received awards for his publications and has been recognized for his contributions to the field of architecture by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. 

학력 Education
Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, New York, U.S.A. Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design, 1992
서울대학교 대학원 건축학과 Graduate School, Seoul National University 공학석사 Master of Science in Engineering, 1988
서울대학교 공과대학 건축학과 Department of Architecture, Seoul National University 공학사 Bachelor of Science in Engineering, 1986

경력 Occupation
서울대학교 건축학과 교수 Professor, Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea(2019-현재 current)
                                      학과장 Chair(2023-2024)
한양대학교 건축학부 교수 Professor, School of Architecture, Hanyang University, Korea(2000-2019)
                                      학부장 Dean(2013-1015)
현건축 소장 Principal, Hyun Architect(1998-2000)

자격 Licensure
한국건축사 Registered Architect in Korea
미국건축사 Registered Architect in the State of New York
AIA 정회원 Member of the American Institute of Architects

저서 Books
도시논객 Urban Writer, 효형출판, 2024
내 마음을 담은 집 Three Houses in My Heart, 효형출판, 2021
상상의 책꽂이 Bookshelf in Imagination, 효형출판, 2018
세모난 집 짓기 Triangular House Design, 효형출판, 2016
빨간 도시  A Red City, 효형출판, 2013
배흘림기둥의 고백 A Confession of Belly Column, 효형출판, 2012
또 한 권의 벽돌 Another Brick, 효형출판, 2011
건축을 묻다 Inquiring Architecture, 효형출판, 2009 
그대가 본 이 거리를 말하라 On Street Urbanism, 효형출판, 1999
건축, 음악처럼 듣고 미술처럼 보다 Introducing Architecture, 효형출판, 1998    

수상 Awards
서울특별시 건축공로상 Award for the Architectural Contribution, Seoul Metropolitan Government, 2020
서울특별시 도시재생 공로상 Award for the Seoul Urban Regeneration, Seoul Metropolitan Government, 2016
대한건축학회 소우저작상 Sowoo Best Writing Award, Architectural Institute of Korea, 2013
한국생태환경건축학회 작품상 Best Project Award, Korea Institute of Ecological Architecture and Environment, 2009
제주특별자치도 건축문화대상 준공건축물 부문 대상 Best Architecture Award, Jeju Metropolitan Government, 2007

특허 Patents
개선된 구조의 송전탑 Transmission Grid Tower with Tensile Structure, 2023
인장부재를 이용한 송전철탑 디자인 Transmission Grid Tower with Rim and Hub, 2019
비닐하우스 골조시스템 Agricultural Polytunnel Structure, 2014
개인운반이 가능한 폴딩형 소형하우스 Deployable Shelter with Personal Carriage, 2013
비닐하우스의 골조시스템 Improved Structure of Polytunnel, 2012

기획 및 계획 Professional Engagement
서울건축문화제 총감독  Director, Seoul Architecture and Culture Festival, Seoul Metropolitan Government, 2021
서울시 공공건축가 Municipal Architect, Seoul Metropolitan Government, 2010-2016 
노들섬 총괄기획가  Master Planner of Nodeul Island Development, Seoul Metropolitan Government, 2014-2016
이문5구역 재개발 총괄기획가.  Master Planner of Emoon Urban Regeneration, Seoul Metropolitan Government, 2014
가락시영아파트 재건축 총괄기획가  Master Planner of Garak Apartment Block, Seoul Metropolitan Government, 2013
김포한강신도시 계획 총괄기획가  Master Planner of Gimpo-Hangang New City, Korea Land and Housing Corporation, 2007-2008